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Kelly German
in the last week
Both of our children attend this daycare and we really love it. The staff is really friendly and they really try to work with us on special requests we have for our children. The teachers do a great job with the kids and we love all the extra's that the school provides like the enrichment courses and breakfast and coffee for the parents! I would recommend this school to any parent!
kimblee stallings
kimblee stallings
in the last week
My son has attended AoMF for six months now and we love it. The teachers are very patient with the children and pride themselves in taking time with the kids individually as well as collectively. Lauren Demain is an exceptional director. She takes the time to greet families in the mornings before school and wishes us a great day upon leaving. She keeps us well informed on the happenings at AoMF as well as any delay or updates that come along. If you are interested in a great school with lots of friendly faces and a curriculum that your child can learn and thrive in, then look no further because AoMF is the place to be.
Kathleen Nassal
Kathleen Nassal
3 weeks ago
I love the Academy of Maryland Farms! It was hard going back to work after my son was born, but every one here has made the transition a little easier. They make you feel like family, which is so important to us. My son has grown and learned so much from all of his teachers and friends. We will be forever thankful to the Academy of Maryland Farms!
Jennifer Stines
Jennifer Stines
a month ago
We are having a wonderful experience with The Academy. We have been there now for almost 6 months. My son (currently 18 mos) was previously at a "home care" daycare and was frustrated and unhappy. The Academy has encouraged his creativity and his gross motor skills have dramatically improved. The curriculum is wonderful and engaging. Capturing the attention span of 18 month olds is daunting, and they are successfully doing so with my son. He comes home singing songs and clapping all the time! I would refer friends and family looking for a daycare in a heartbeat. The staff are warm and welcoming and truly love the kids. Lauren has been nothing short of wonderful. We have had a few minor behavioral issues and she has worked to help us address them and move forward in a professional way. Thank you Academy for giving me a peace of mind every day that my son is well taken care of!
Jacqueline Weiss
Jacqueline Weiss
a month ago
This is a professionally run facility with educated staff. Most importantly, though, they love the kids! They work very hard to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids to grow and thrive. The facilities are always decorated beautifully and festively. The food is nutritious. The curriculum is solid. Enrichment is included. They provide extra little festive events just to get parents involved - like a hot cocoa bar in winter, or little coloring projects & snacks ready at pickup time. They even had a flu shot clinic on site in the Fall. They go above and beyond. My daughter started at AOMF when she was 9 months old. She is now 2 and growing so fast! Every person on staff greets us by name when we are in the building. It's things like that - knowing that they know who we are and they know what makes my daughter special - how she learns, what makes her laugh, what makes her melt down. I know she is receiving the very best care while I have to be away from her. Lauren and her team are awesome.

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Can't go in the snow?? Bring the snow inside!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

We've got snow! Here's a shot of the winter snow at AoMF!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Parent's Night Out 2016

Parent's Night Out 

At The Academy, we love to offer special events to our families. Parent's Night Out is held a few times a year and gives parents a chance to enjoy a night out, maybe run a few errands, or just enjoy some a quiet night while your child(ren) enjoy a fun time with their friends. 

Our first P.N.O. of 2016 included:
Movies on the projector
Fort building 
Manicures and pedicures 
Arts and crafts 

We had a blast! 


Till next time! 

Our next Parent's Night Out is planned for Valentine's Weekend and will benefit 
BRANCHES non-profit 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016 gives us some great tips! Check out the article below. It's time to play! gives us some great tips! Check out the article below.

Maybe you're looking outside right now and snow is falling on the ground. Or maybe you're in a place where people are sweating and wearing shorts. You might have a bunch of friends available for playing, or you could be all by yourself. No matter what the weather is like or how many friends are around, there's always a way to be physically active and have fun. Here's how.

When It's Just You

By yourself? Try hopping on your bike, strapping on your skates, or grabbing your skateboard. Don't forget your helmet and pads! Or try jumping rope and counting how many times you can jump before you miss. Jumping rope is a great way to get aerobic exercise.

Sometimes being by yourself gives you a chance to practice stuff so you get better at it. If you play tennis, try hitting a tennis ball against a brick wall. If basketball's your thing, try shooting hoops and seeing how many you can sink. Or if you're into soccer, grab a ball, and see how long you can keep it in the air using your feet, knees, and head. When you play with your friends again, they'll be amazed at what you can do!

More things to do when it's just you:

  • Practice hopscotch.
  • See how long you can hop on one foot.
  • Do jumping jacks.
  • Invent some dance moves.
  • Do sprints (short running races) and time yourself to see how fast you go.
  • Use a pedometer to count the number of steps between your favorite places, like your house and the park.

When There Are Two

Just you and a friend hanging out, looking for something to do? Practice playing some Ping-Pong or start a tennis tournament between the two of you. Ever try badminton? It's great if you have a net, but you also can play by just seeing how many times you can hit the birdie back and forth to each other.

How about a little one-on-one in basketball or a race to see who's the fastest runner? Maybe you're into cheerleading. If so, invent some new cheers together.

More things to do when there are two:

  • Have a handstand contest.
  • Invent dances to your favorite songs.
  • Jump rope together.
  • Ride bikes and don't forget your helmets!
  • Practice pitching and hitting a baseball.

When There Are a Lot of You

If there are a bunch of kids looking for something cool to do, you're in luck! Lots of sports and games work well with a group of kids. Baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball are good group games. Or you might play follow the leader on bikes, blades, or skates.

More things to do when there are a lot of you:

  • Have a skateboarding contest.
  • Play tag.
  • Play outdoor hide-and-seek.
  • Dance to your favorite music.

When It's Cold Outside

Brrr! It's a cold day and you're all bundled up, looking for some fun. Warm up fast and get those muscles moving by shoveling the snow off the driveway or the sidewalk. You might even offer to shovel the driveways or sidewalks for people in your neighborhood. Make some giant snow people or other snow creatures. Build an igloo or a fort, and store all your snowballs there.

If you live near an ice-skating rink or pond, strap on some skates and glide across the ice. If skiing is more your thing, put on those skis and go because both downhill and cross-country skiing are great ways to exercise. Or see the snow rushing past you from a sled, snowboard, or toboggan. It helps to have a grown-up around to keep everyone safe. Be sure to steer clear of obstacles like trees and to stay off roads and streets.

More things to do when it's cold:

  • Play tag in the snow.
  • Take a nature hike and look for animal footprints.
  • Pull a little kid around on a sled.
  • Make snow angels.

When It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Yikes — it's hot outside, everyone is sweaty, and your legs are stuck to the seat of the car. What do you do? Swim, of course! Race your friends or show off your underwater skill by doing a handstand. But don't forget the safety rules. Make sure there's an adult around to watch you and no dunking!

On land, you can have a water balloon toss with friends. Catch that balloon, or you'll get soaked!

When you're exercising in the heat, it is very important to remember to drink lots of water, even if you don't feel thirsty. Hot temperatures make you sweat more when you're exercising, so you must replace the water you lose to prevent heat exhaustion.

More things to do when it's hot:

  • Take a nature walk on a shady trail.
  • Wash your dog outside.
  • Wash your parents' or neighbors' car.
  • Turn on the sprinkler and cool off!

When You're Stuck at Home

Maybe you can't go out because the weather is rainy or too cold. But that doesn't mean you can't get some exercise while you're inside.

Turn on your favorite music and dance. Invite your dog or cat to join in the fun. Or grab a hula hoop and make up some hula-hoop dances. If there is enough room, you can jump rope and count how many times you jump without missing.

There are basketball hoops with over-the-door hooks and basketballs made from soft foam that are meant to be played with indoors. If you have them and there is enough room, set them up and shoot some hoops. Have a tournament with everyone in the house — may the best basketball player win!

More things to do when you're stuck at home:

  • Do some tumbling if you have enough room to do it.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt.
  • Bat a balloon back and forth and try not to let it hit the floor.

And here's one thing not to do: Try not to say, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do." As you just found out, there's always something to do!

Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD
Date reviewed: October 2013